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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Vacation (11/19-26/2011)

For the ninth consecutive year, we had our Camenga Family Thanksgiving get-together.  This year, we were back in Florida for the fifth time and, because of great distances and job responsibilities, our numbers were a bit diminished.  Still, we had a good time.  Andrew, Kristin, and Elisa flew down from New York, we drove down from West Virginia, and Mom and Dad made the brief trek from Cocoa as we all descended upon the South Daytona Homestead.  From Sea World to Sugar Cookies, mayhem at the park to manatees at the Springs, we had a lot of fun and the kids will never forget their encounter with the dolphins (thanks for sharing that day with us Gramma Lin).
Speaking of Sea World, here we all are feeding the dolphins
Same kids...different dolphin
Uncle Andrew either showing the kids a new use for the air conditioner OR explaining why we don't play with the air choose
Jonah, Elisa, Eve, and Cate on our "Hey, look at the manatee" adventure
Mommy and Eve showing off their star leaves
Grampa John, Gramma Lin, Aunt Kristin, Uncle Andrew, and cousin Elisa
An actual, in-the-flesh, coming to the surface to breath, full on manatee
Aunt Kristin and Grampa John opening Thankful Gifts
Uncle Andrew explaining the finer points of story-telling for toddlers
Cate, Jonah, and Eve at the beach before we headed back to West Virginia

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little trip to COSI (11/11/2011)

We made it back to COSI just before Thanksgiving and, as luck would have it, there was a "special" Dora the Explorer exhibit.  The kids loved seeing the character statues and playing in Diego's wildlife center.  We don't get over the COSI often enough, but when we do, it always makes us think that we should get over there more often.
Here they are with Diego (and that cat of his...what's his name?!?)
Here is Cate the Hermit Crab
 Here is Eve working those monkey bars.  This is the first time she's ever successfully transitioned from one bar to the next (oh so proud)
 And here is Jonah in a house of his own creation
Three tiny little kids in a tiny little daddy wedged in the back blindly taking this photo
 They worked hard moving along this wall from left to right - no one even fell off

First Day of Pre-K (8/25/2012)

So, the kids woke up, had breakfast, watched a little TV, got dressed for the day, played with some toys, and then we all headed out the door for their first day of Pre-K.  Jonah was oh so ready for me to just leave them there, Cate wasn't too sure, but she was excited about school, and Eve cried.  I was strong until I got home...and then I cried.  Eve continued to cry, though a bit less each day, as the school year wore on (and I managed to learn to enjoy the daily three-hour-break).

Here they are as we were about to head out the door.