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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two Year Photo Shoot

We made it into JC Penney for another rousing game of "Catch the Smiles Between the Tears." Unfortunately, we lost two of the three rounds. Jonah finally came around and gave us some good smiles, but all we could get out of Cate and Eve were tears and pouts. I think we ended up with some good shots, we just didn't end up with something that demonstrates their actual characteristics. So, here they are in all their glory.
First, we have Cate with a tear (cute, but sad)
Next, we have Eve with her big beautiful eyes
Then, we have Jonah having a good time

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Conference '09 in Lancaster, PA

So, after a nine year absence, we made it back to the General Converence Meetings of the Seventh Day Baptist's. It was an entirely different experience than the last time around. Not to mention the already mentioned nine year time lag, we also had Our babies Three in tow. The week was a blessing (despite the fact that we wondered daily if bringing three two-year-olds to Conference was wise).
Here are the little ones in a normal pose: breakfast on the bed at about 6:00am (too early)
Here's Eve at the center of attention
Here's a sprawling view of the congregation on Sabbath Morning
Here is Jonah in the Cafeteria looking to lay claim on the camera
Here is Eve...tired and oh so cute
Here is Cousin Elisa (Uncle Andrew and Aunt Kristin's little girl)
Here's Cate consuming that which was a staple of the week's meals...cookies
Geese in the morning behind our dorm
The landscape behind the dorm
The chapel
Cate and Cousin Aidan
Elisa, Uncle Mark, and Jonah
Eve with a kindred spirit
Sabbath Afternoon just before pizza and naps
The whole family just after church and just before changing clothes