Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few more shots from the Birthday Celebration

This was a day of delicious treats for the babies...yeah, that's right...for "the babies."
In keeping with the precedent set by their first birthday, cupcakes were the dessert of choice.
But, alas, cupcakes were not enough. So, we've now started a new tradition...Krispy Kremes. They even make mini doughnuts for the mini humans.
Here they are enjoying the cupcakes and wondering what I am doing.
Winston got to enjoy some leftovers from lunch. He was very appreciative.
Here's Aunt Leeann keeping watch over the cupcake consumption.
Ahhh...enjoying the spoils.
The clan (minus daddy)
They just love playing with Grandad.
The beginning of the day.
The end of the day. They had a great time.

I can't believe it...two years old already!

Well, believe it or not, it has been two years. It has been a truly blessed ride (with lots of bumps and wrong-turns along the way). We are so thankful for the prayers that we know have been raised for us and for Cate, Eve, and Jonah...please, keep them coming.
Grandad, Gramma Jo, and Aunt Leeann were able to come down from Belpre, OH to help us begin "Year Three."
Here are a few simple collages from the Birthday for each of the kids. You can click on each collage for a full screen view.
First off, here is Cate.
Next, we have Eve.
Lastly, I give you Jonah.

Just hangin' out - Michigan Vacation

Here is Eve at one of her favorite posts during our week. She would climb up on the bench with (and without) permission.

Here's Conor helping Jonah out with the intricasies of gliding.

Here's Collin and Aidan "enduring" yet another one of the triplet's shows.

Cate and Daddy

Mommy and only looks like Eve is about to take a swipe at Cathy. I promise that she was only waving.

Cate and Eve

Here's Jonah requesting that I draw a circle for him.

Here is Uncle Mark complying with Jonah's request for a circle.

Here is Aunt Faith consoling Eve with some Gummies because Eve couldn't find the wherewithall to play in the spray scape with Jonah and Cate.

Here are the cousins.

From left to right: Jonah, Collin, Cate, Conor, Eve, and Aidan

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playgrounds and a Spray Scape - Michigan Vacation

We spent quite a bit of time outdoors while we were in Michigan...from the zoo to a playground, to a spray scape to the backyard. We had so much fun just watching Cate, Eve, and Jonah as they wore themselves out day after day.
Here's Cate dealing with the predicament of shoes that came off while she was going down the slide.

Eve was a bit less adventurous than Jonah and Cate, but she was (as always) very cute.

Jonah could have sworn he heard Mommy on the other end of this slide.

Here's Jonah enjoying the spray scape.

And here is Cate doing the same.

Eve was a bit fearful of all of the spraying back at the spray scape. This was more her speed.

Daddy and Jonah...again.

Here's Jonah thoroughly enjoying the slide.

Aidan was helping the girls with the sandy adventures.

And here are the girls cleaning up after those sandy adventures.

The Toledo Zoo - Michigan Vacation

So, we headed up to Plymouth, Michigan for the second of our Summer Vacations and spent a week with Mark, Faith, Conor, Collin and Aidan. We had a great time. One day we took the 45 minute trip to Toledo to visit the zoo.
It was a hot day, but we had a good time exploring a brand new (to us) zoo.
I just thought that this was an interesting shot.

Cate was enamored by the hippos.

There's just something amazing about Eagles.

Jonah..Grey Wolf. Grey Wolf...Jonah.

The girls weren't quite sure what to make of this goat.

Once again proving how difficult it is to wrangle three two-year-olds into a good family photo

Mommy and Daddy in a photo...without any children?

Mark and Faith were able to accomplish the same feat.

Jonah and Daddy

Eve sums up the day.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Rogers' River-Rat Retreat

We loaded the babies up and headed down to "Uncle George's Cabin" on the Greenbrier River for the Fourth of July. It was the babies' first trip to this location. We added our five to the 34 that were already gathered and then spent the day roaming, splashing, eating, sitting, sleeping, and fussing. It was a good day...not that different from any other day with the exception of the surroundings.
Here's the "whole family" in the river (as if you couldn't tell, Eve has been superimposed into this photo...she was not a fan of the cold water). Here is the aforementioned cabin. There's not much to it, but it has served as home-base for many of these Rogers' Family gatherings over the years.Here's Jonah hanging out with Uncle David.Eve wanted to roam and roam and roam some more all day long. Here, Aunt Christina is hot on her trail making sure that no trouble befalls her. Here is Cate and Aunt Lee playing with a slinky.
Here is Winston, once again relegated to his crate because there were just too many places for him to get lost.
Eve was uncharacteristically reticent when placed aboard the vessel. Meanwhile, Cate was steady at the navigator's post.
Our Babies Three
Cate was helping Gramma blow bubbles while Grandad looked on.
I give you "Tent City." Why all the tents with such a magnificent structure so close by? You'll have to come and find out why.