Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Monday, August 23, 2010

We made it to Springfield for Conference

After our 2.5 days on the road, we arrived in Springfield, Missouri for Conference. It had been a tiring 2.5 days for the kids (and for the adults) and so we were fearful of a week full of meltdowns. While we had our fair share of meltdowns, the kids hung in there and had a pretty good week. It certainly helped that Gramma and Grandad Rogers, Gramma Camenga, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Kristin, Aunt Faith, and Uncle Rick and Aunt Grace were all there. Besides all of the Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts, all of the cousins were there. Their collective presence made the week easier and more blessed than it would have otherwise been.

Here the kids are doing that which they needed to do more of
Day one, walking to dinner with Gramma Rogers
Jonah admiring a cool bug
Eve and Cate dazed in the nursery
Jonah chillin' in the nursery
Cousin Elisa sporting an Uncle Johnmark 'do
Uncle Andrew and Eve enjoying some Drummer Hoff
Could they be any sweeter?
I promise, he's just tickling her
Cate with goat at the Springfield Zoo
Eve reluctantly with goat
Jonah with goat
I just thought this was a pretty scene
The most active tiger I've ever seen not on TV
Jonah and Giraffe
Cate, late in the week
Eve, in a normal pose
Jonah with saw
Photographic evidence of the aforementioned presence of all of the cousins
The "whole" family...sorry Grampa Camenga couldn't be there

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On Our Way to Conference

Well, on our way to Springfield, Missouri we made a couple of stops. First, we stopped in Louisville, Kentucky where we took in the zoo and stayed in the Galt House Hotel (apparently it is the official hotel of the Kentucky Derby). Despite the temptation, we refrained from drinking any Mint Juleps and continued toward Springfield stopping in St. Louis, Missouri where we stayed at an establishment much less enjoyable than the Galt House (for example...the first room we were given still had a guest in residence). Yet, the accomodations didn't dampen our adventurous spirit as we headed out to tackle the Gateway Arch. It had its ups and downs (please pardon the pun) but it was an enjoyable experience for each of us.

At the Louisville Zoo...playing in water
We thought this camel was hilarious
They were trying to spot the pygmy hippo...can you spot him?
At the hotel, exhausted already (and it was only day one)
Cate enjoying the A/C vent (while blocking the Muhammad Ali Building)
A cool faux-caboose at Union Station in St. Louis
A glimpse of the Arch
The Arch in traffic
Up Close
From underneath
The kids waiting to go up, up, up
Yep, that's the doorway into our egg-shaped elevator
The Eads Bridge and the Mississippi River (a little flooded)
The kids enjoying the view
Go Cards!
Jonah admiring the Courthouse descent descent descent
Cathy and the kids working on their grips
It was such a nice day
The kids and the South Leg of the Arch

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Celebration - Round IV

At an event that was well attended by relatives of all varieties, Our Babies Three enjoyed the fourth celebration of their third birthday while in attendance at the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference meetings at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri.
Word was spread, and the gathering took place between dinner and the worship service one evening. It proved to be just enough time to "sugar-up" the kids and get them to the nursery before the inevitable crash.
Here Eve, Cate, and Jonah are engulfed by their cousins Caleb, Conor, Collin, and Luke
The implement of the aforementioned "sugaring-up"
Jonah, Eve, cousin Elisa, and Cate preparing for battle
Cate wryly gazing downward
Eve unabashedly face-stuffing
Jonah taking one bite while looking for his next
Elisa focuses on the camera...loses focus on the fork