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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Indian Mound

Sunday was a very pretty day, so it was prime-time for a little adventure. In the middle of downtown South Charleston (the thriving metropolis that it is) there is an Indian Mound (I recognize that the term is not exactly PC, but that is how it is described on the signage). The skeletal remains that once inhabited the mound are now at the Smithsonian so, at least we weren't walking on a mound that was still in use.
Here the kids are in ascent-mode
Mommy assisting in the ascent
Eve spotted this plane and would be very upset if I didn't share it with everyone
Here's Cate holding her "flower" and counting her fingers
Here's Eve asking if she can pick a "flower" too
Here's Jonah very proud of the "flower" he picked
Here's the whole family at the top of the mound

Graduation Day

Well, it has been a long time coming, but I finally graduated. On May 16, 2010 I, at long last, ended my undergraduate career (and here is the photographic evidence - complete with tassel on the left and a diploma with my name spelled correctly).
Now, it is off to Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky as I begin my quest for a Master of Divinity degree. Whose idea was this?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Leeann

Here are some photos of Winston over the years. We brought him home in May of 2006 as a tiny little 3 pound puppy. He quickly grew to a whopping 10 pounds, but he acts much larger.

Winston on the day we brought him home
Snuggling with Cathy before church
One of my favorites
Silly? Perhaps. But, he did graduate from "puppy training school."
He loved that squeaker in the background.
He always looks like he is in pain when eating his kibble.
Winston the Regal Hound
Winston the Flying Squirrel
One of his favorite spots is a basket full of warm laundry.
This is what most dogs look like mid-shake.
Fearful of the basement stairs
Warm in the sun
Confused (he looks like this a lot)
Sometimes, it is hard to take a picture of him (still, this is one of my favorites also)
Winston with his Kong
Perhaps this is where Cate gets her inability to keep her eyes open for a picture.
A typical pose for Winston...all you can see is his nose
He puts up with a lot
Did we mention that he puts up with a lot
This is just too darn cute...don't you think?

Friday, May 21, 2010

For Holly

It's been an interesting ride with the triplets, from before they were here, they've been altering our existence and making our lives better. For starters, here is one such alteration...

This is Cathy (about two months along) after a long day at the Magic Kingdom. Note that Cathy would not have needed a wheelchair for this outing if she wasn't hauling three extra passengers.
This is what greeted us at an appointment early on.
In this photo Cate is A, Jonah is B, and Eve is C
Here is Cathy at Disney's Hollywood Studios about four months along
Cate at 6 to 7 months
Eve at 6 to 7 months
Jonah at 6 to 7 months
Cathy (and Johnmark and Winston) on Mother's day 2007
Cate - day 1
Eve - day 1
Jonah - day 1
Cathy and Cate, Jonah, and Eve - day 3
1 month and 2 home
September 11, 2007 (their actual due date) - 1 month and 20 days
Note Eve's apnea monitor...her constant companion for the first 6 months
About 9 months old at the zoo...this is the Double Decker Stroller
About 10 months old
About 11 months old
Celebrating 1 year at Sea World...where we were the attraction
About 16 months old...sleeping in the BabyTrend Triple Stroller
About 17 months old
About 18 months old
About 20 months old
Just shy of 2 years old
About 2 years and 2 months old
About 2 1/2 years old
About 2 years 10 months old
It has been a blast and it has been a lot of work. God has truly blessed us through this entire journey from the point when we were absolutely clueless up until this point now that we are slightly less clueless. We can't say that we've loved every minute of it, but we can say that every minute of it has been filled with love.