Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cate finally sat in the big chair!

Well, she did it. Not without some crying and pleading, but she did it. Cate has finally joined Eve and Jonah in the realm of the haircutted (I know that's not a real word). She knew exactly what we were up to as soon as we walked into the SmartStyle Salon at the WalMart. All it took was one horrifying experience for it to be etched on her brain forever; however, she sucked it up and sat still just enough to get her bangs cut, thereby eliminating the ocular obstruction. Good job Cate! Next week, it's Eve's turn again. Pray for us!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clay Center Redux

So, another snow day, another trip to the Clay Center. After bundling up the kids, loading up the van, sliding down our driveway, and dodging lots of potholes, we arrived at the Clay Center ready for some fun-time away from home. Little did we know that we are the only former Floridians in the greater Charleston area; otherwise, there might have been at least one other family there. The place was deserted, save the employees, so we had room to roam...and Jonah, Cate, and Eve made the most of it.
Here the girls are in a giant ball pit
They were amazed by this contraption
Jonah looking through the telescope/kaleidoscope with his mind's eye
Not quite big enough for three
They were fascinated with the water features
Jonah couldn't quite figure out how to knock this thing over
Pulley Chair anyone?
Who doesn't love a magnetized wall with whisks
It's Jonah, Cate, and Eve (in that order) impressed upon this pin wall
Jonah and a sarcophagus
Big enough for three...or more
Just an angelic shot of Eve
Playing with some blocks designed for building pyramids
Just a devilish shot of Cate
Here's Eve doing what Eve does best...undoing that which others have done