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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Which Baby Built It?

And now it is time for everyone's favorite game..."WHICH BABY BUILT IT?"
The possible answers are limited (Either Cate, Eve, or Jonah) and each answer is used only once. We can discuss later what each structure says about the psyche of the builder; but for now, it is time to play "WHICH BABY BUILT IT?"

1) Which baby?

2) Which baby?

3) Which baby?

The answers are just below cheating!

photo 1 is jonah - photo 2 is cate - photo 3 is eve

So, it has been about a month and...

...not much has happened. Life continues as usual with stay-at-home Daddy and work-at-school Mommy, school, family, church, weekends in Belpre-Salem-Belpre and all of the other little things that act as the Jell-O in our smörgåsbord of life. Despite life being what it is, we have had a few chances to snap some photos and, as you can see, Our Babies Three are as cute as ever and getting bigger and bigger.
Here's Cate enjoying an episode of Backyardigans
Here's Eve just enjoying life
Here's Jonah being Jonah
Here they are all trying to figure out how they can all fit in a one seater
They really do love each other