Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Wedding Weekend

We attended the wedding of my cousin (Marissa) on July 16. This was our first such event to attend since the arrival of our children so, we set out with fear and trepidation. Despite our darkest concerns, the event came off without a hitch (except for the planned hitching) and we had a very good time in Columbus.
Here is Eve enjoying some water from one of the "BIG GLASSES"
Eve, still drinking, and mommy directing Jonah's photo shoot of Cate
Cake anyone?
The lovely bride (Marissa) and the dapper groom (Jamie)
Eve and Jonah on the dance floor
Back at the hotel...let the mayhem ensue.
The kids loved jumping onto the bed (something that is an absolute "NO-NO!" at home).
Jonah, sizing it up
Cate, leaping forward
Eve, landing safely
Jonah - mid air
Cate - mid air
Eve (and duckies) - mid air

Birthday No. 4

It was a BIG day for our three little ones. We started the day off at Krispy Kreme. To be honest, though they like the doughnuts, for them it is all about watching the doughnut-making-machine (pictured in the previous post). After Krispy Kreme, we headed home to rendezvous with Gramma, Grandad, and Aunt Leeann after which we headed to Chuck E. Cheese (no photographic evidence of this adventure exists). After we ate pizza and accumulated about 1500 tickets, we headed home for cake, ice cream, presents, and exhaustion.
Here is Jonah in his new pirate getup...Avast!
Opening their new Tag Reader
The excitement of the cupcake had worn they were down to the business of finishing the cupcake.
Speaking of cupcakes...
Here's a collage of some of the day's events. You can click on the image for a super-sized view.
Happy Birthday Cate!
Happy Birthday Eve!
Happy Birthday Jonah!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Morning at Krispy Kreme!

The kids had a great time on the morning of their Birthday watching the amazing Krispy Kreme donut making machine.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


...three months later.
We brought the kids to the Charleston Civic Center for their first circus experience. It was a rousing success. They loved it all...the lights, the sounds, the animals, the crazy jumping guys...all of it. Cate's favorite was the pony dance (unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that). Jonah was awe-struck by the Motorcycles in the Sphere if Death. Eve just liked being able to sit with Mommy and Daddy without much interruption for three hours.
Without further ado...
The "side show" tattoos
In circus gear (Jonah appears to be praying for a dad who would NOT take a picture of his own son in a pink and purple circus outfit)
The painting elephant
Glowing Necklaces? Check!
Sphere of Death? Awesome!
Line of Elephants? Sweet!
This is only about half of the tigers in the show
Some mid-air flippery
Trampoline Dancer Guys
The big finale
The Ring Master's exit
Mommy with three tired, over-stimulated children